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Several fanciers lost a lot of good pigeons due to lack of condition. One of the reasons may be attach (too high concentration) of the fungal Candida Albican. AntiFungal has been developed to solve the problem of Fungals. In combination with Improver it will kill bad bacteria as salmonella, e.coli and in addition fungals. Also inhibit the spreading of canker and other diseases through drinking water. After antibiotics cure birds the natural micro flora is destroyed.  Bring it fast back to the natural ballance with administering AntiFungal (treatment dosage in three – five days).

Antifungal contains the active ingredient 2,4-heksadienoicacid. This is only active at low acidity in the drinking water (pH<5).  Such low acidity will be achieved by giving AntiFungal in combination with Improver.


One measure spoon (2 gr) per 4 liters of water.

2-3 days a weeks or 5 successive days after treatment with antibiotics.

Can be mixed with vitamins, probiotics, electrolytes. Gives rapid recuperation and strong birds, weekend after weekend!

One container will take care of 100  pigeons per day for a period of six months.  Will make approximately 60 gallons.


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