Remember Your Friends (DVD)





Remember Your Friends (DVD)

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  • This is the DVD we have been waiting for. This is the DVD we need! Sponsored by The National Pigeon Association Legacy Fund Trust, Jim Jenner of PACCOM Films has completed what I believe is one of the if not the biggest positive endorsement for the Pigeon Hobby that’s come along. I call this our attitude adjustment tool!


    Though it includes some facts the experienced fancier didn’t know, this video is intended more for the uninformed, your friends neighbors and relatives who don’t understand what you see in “those things”.


    This DVD is an educational tool and can easily be given to libraries, schools, the news media or to those who may wish to involve themselves in the Pigeon Hobby.


    It can be shown to organizational groups that enjoy learning about new subjects but have only a limited amount of time to do so.


    Most importantly, this DVD can and should be used to educate and enlighten the unenlightened! It is a powerful tool to show to ordinance boards, city council members and politicians who have the political and legal power to extinguish our personal freedom and property rights.


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